Base-line metricThe initial stage to any new software engineering development: determine the software and hardware components as the required targets and apply appropriate deployment, testing, performance and monitoring tools for data acquisition to establish a baseline metric.

Gap AnalysisIdentify and test: software stacks - FOSS or commercial or some combination of software tools, toolkits and frameworks for a customized development or performance analysis of the target systems.

Final analysisGap Analysis Follow-up: after the completion of the Gap Analysis newly developed and JUnit tested software modules can be installed, rigorous performance testing and appropriate tuning techniques may be applied resulting in a well documented Final Analysis.

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On 7th February 2009

On 16th January 2009

Updated my website with this new page!This page was a lot of work because of the effort needed to jump the Gimp/Photoshop learning curve. In the Final Analysis I used both popular graphics programs to spruce up my site. I have more work to do...

On 7th April 2012

My blog is back! (again...)After a little more than a year hiatus from shutting down my blog when I was @ S-T the Dave Blog is back with all of the unplublished replublished! Pebble is one cool little blog

On 5th July 2015

My blog is back! (second time)My last post was in 2014 but I was able to restore from a .zip backup and migrating from my old cloud provider. Pebble is one cool little blog

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